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1914-15 Trio to a Yeoman Signalman, Royal Navy.


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1914-15 Trio to a Yeoman Signalman, Royal Navy.

1914-15 Star, 161101 O. Darrie. Y.S. A.B.; British War and Victory medals,161101 O. Darrie. Y.S. R.N.; With Bosuns Whistle, with broad arrow mark; Silver and Enamel Royal Navy lapel badge (Wearing pin broken) (medals mounted as worn)

Oscar Darrie was born in Liverpool on the 1st January 1875 and enlisted in the Navy on the 1st January 1893and served until the 4th January 1905. He then joined the Royal Fleet Reserve.

He was called back for War service serving from the 2nd August 1914, initially on HMS Endynmion, then HMS Alsatian 9th December 1914 to  to 13th December 1917, the rest of the war he was at Vivid I or II until 13th March 1918. He was then Invalided out of the service.

He lived at Arabella Street, Cardiff.

Condition – VF