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1914-18 naval group with LSGC and MID for minesweeping.


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1914-18 naval group with LSGC and MID for minesweeping.

1914-15 trio (MID) with George V (1st type) LSGC.

1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal with modern MID emblem  (217255 C. H. Parker P.O., R.N. on all three)

Naval LSGC, George V, 1st type – 217255 C. H. Parker P.O. H.M.S. Biarritz)

Parker was born in Ashford, Kent, in 1886 and enlisted in RN in 1901 and served in the usual range of warships and training establishments right through to the war.

He served largely on minelayers in the war – Iphegenia to March 1915, then Biarritz (1st Dec. 1915 to 19th Feb. 1919) then after the war on Reduto.

Biarritz was a converted civilian vessel which became a minelayer, based largely at MUDROS and was involved in the mining of the Dardanelles as well as in other operations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Parker was Mentioned in Dispatches for service on Biarritz (LG 24. Dec. 1916) which, with that date, might relate to mine-sweeping or other activities related to the Dardanelles/Gallipoli ops.

[Interesting note –  Harry Ernest Wild, brother of Frank Wild, both of whom were members of the Shackleton antarctic expedition, served on Biarritz as Chief Petty Officer at the same time as Parker; he was evacuated from the ship in March 1918 died of disease on Malta]

Pensioned to shore 21st Jan. 1926 and LSGC awarded Jan. 1919.

Parker had some service during WW2 on HMSs Vernon and Pembroke, 1940-44.

With copies of service papers and London Gazette.

Medals contact marked, about VF but LSGC rare to HMS Biarritz.