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1914 star and bar trio – Somerset Light Infantry


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1914 star and bar trio – Somerset Light Infantry

1914 star & bar, 9603 Pte C.C. Humphries 1/Som L.I.; British War and Victory medals 9603 Pte C.C. Humphries. Som. L.I. medals mounted as worn.

Charles Cecil Humphries is confirmed on his MIC as receiving the clasp with his 1914 star, entering a war zone on the 21st August 1914. He is also shown as served in the Devon Regiment (no 38973) and then Labour corps (no 521850) on the back of his MIC it is noted that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police forwarded roll of PC’s entitled to medals in January 1921.

The medal rolls confirm that he transferred to the Devon regiment on the 9th September 1916.

His War badge roll shows that he enlisted on the 27th June 1913 and discharged on the 26th June 1919 suffering from “Sickness.”

The Battalion was part fo the 4th Division during the Battle of Le Cateau , which was positioned on the left flank, on the north bank of the Warnelle. The road was sunken in places, providing inadequate long-range firing positions and in many places the Germans could close up to the British positions unobserved. With the Somerset’s were the 1st Rifle Brigade, 1st East Lancashires and the 1st Hampshires. For a detailed account of the action follow the link below:

The Battle of Le Cateau August 1914

Medals mounted as worn and generally NVF