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1914 Star and bar trio to the 6th Dragoon Guards


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1914 Star and bar trio to the 6th Dragoon Guards

1914 star (and bar) 5106 Pte F.B. Wiper. 6/D.Gds; War and Victory medals, 5106 A.Cpl T.B. Wiper6.D.Gds. (Note doors initial F on star)

A. Corporal Thomas Brunton Wiper entered France on the 16th August 1914 serving in the 6th Battalion Dragoon Guards.

He has two Medal Index Cards, reflecting the error in his first initial, the second card highlights this and that it should be corrected to T

Copy of medal rolls and Silver War badge confirm that he was discharged on the 9th October 1915, as being Physically unfit.

The regiment landed in France at the outbreak of the First World War as part of the 4th Cavalry Brigade in the 1st Cavalry Division on 16 August 1914 for service on the Western Front. It took part in the Battle of Mons in August 1914, the First Battle of the Marne in September 1914, the First Battle of Ypres in October 1914 and the Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915

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