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1914 Trio – 1/5th London Regiment, later K.O.Y.L.I. and served in Malta during the siege 1940 to 1942


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1914 Trio – 1/5th London Regiment, later K.O.Y.L.I.

1914 Star, with clasp, 9946 Pte C.W. Shephard. 5th Lond. R.; British War and Victory medals (MID Oakleaf on Victory), Cape C.W. Shephard. Matching Miniature medals mounted as worn.  NOTE: 1914 star has later impressed naming, on two lines.

Cecil William Shephard entred France on the 4th November 1914. His MIC has the comment “Deleted” against the 1914 star. But also confirms award of clasp and roses. medals issued in 1920, and a search is noted in 1953, which may had resulted in a later issue star?

Copies of medal rolls, MIC etc all confirm receipt of the 1914 Star and clasp trio and his Mention in Dispatches.

He married Lady Pryce Harrison, the only daughter of the Marquis of Cholmondeley on the 23rd March 1923. She was an Associate of the Order of the Royal Red Cross rendering valuable nursing services during the 1st World War (Member) and advanced to Associate for service in WW2.

He travelled to Malta in 1938 and is noted in his obituary as serving in Malta during the siege of Malta during WW2. Returned to England in February 1944.

Lived Malpas, Cheshire, and died in 1963.

With a copy of his online family tree and picture of his wife.

Condition – VF + in old Spinks case.