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1914 trio (MID) and MSM – 9th HLI and ASC


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1914 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal with MID emblem, Army MSM (Geo.V.)

to – 2416 Pte. H. A. S. Dunlop, High L.I. (on trio); S4-087270 S.Sjt. A.S.C. on MSM.

MIC shows Star returned for amendment of initials and re-issued 1921.

Hew Archibald Smith Dunlop born 1888 – MIC shows entered French theatre, 8th Nov. 1914 and in 9th HLI. No indication of award of dated clasp to 1914 Star.

Mentioned in Dispatches as Corpl. ASC, London Gazette 29.5.17.

MSM awarded for France per LG 1.1.1918.

Later lived in Stockport and was a licensed victualler. Died there in 1973.

His family tree is on