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1915 Trio and Edward VII Naval LSGC – Konigsberg blockade, East Africa.


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1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Naval LSGC, Edward VII.

to – 281333 A. Easson, Mech., R.N. on trio; 281333 Andrew Easson, Mechanician, HMS Superb on LSGC.

Papers show recipient born Greenock in 1874 and enlisted as Stoker 2 in 1896. Served though to discharge on 12th June 1919; he then joined the Coast Guard service and was based at Muchalls, Stonehouse, where he died of TB in May 1924.

Easson was aboard HMS Hyacinth during her service in the Rufiji Delta when the German raider Konigsberg was trapped there. She destroyed a German blockade runner attempting to bring supplies through the blockade in April 1915 and sank a German merchant vessel in early 1916. Hyacinth remained on the Cape Station for the rest of the war. Easson had left the ship by December 1915 and then served on Implacable, Hecla and Princess Royal.

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