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1915 Trio to R.F.A. – MID for Salonika.


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1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal with small MID emblem.

to – 44431 Sjt. A. Pakes, R.F.A. (R.A. on Pair)

Mentioned in Dispatches, Milne’s dispatch for Salonika, LG 12th Jan. 1920 re dispatch of 25.3.18.

MIC shows entered F/F theatre, 19.9.15.

With some copied discharge docs. and rolls which show that Arthur Pakes of Keighley enlisted in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Nov. 1914; Sergt. by July 1915 – rapid promotion!

Spent 6 months in France, over 3 years in Salonika. Affected (as so many in the Salonika theatre were) by Malaria in 1916.

NEF condition.