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2nd Cruiser Squadron – S. Africa and S. America cruise with 13 clasps


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Bronze medal awarded to commemorate the 2nd Cruiser Sqdn. visit to South Africa and South America, 1908.

Hope bidding farewell to the four ships of the squadron, surrounded by inscription ‘South Africa and South America 1908’, reverse ‘2nd Cruiser Squadron, Closer Union 1908, Good Hope, Devonshire, Antrim, Carnarvon,’  unnamed as issued.

With 13 clasps (out of 14 possibles) relating to formal visits to various towns in South Africa and South America by crews of HMS Good Hope, Devonshire, Antrim and Carnarvon.

(Missing only “Buenos Aires” clasp)

An attractive and scarce medal, escpecially with such run of clasps.

GVF and better.