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3 clasp Mutiny – 9th Lancers (The Delhi Spearmen)


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3 clasp Mutiny – 9th Lancers (The Delhi Spearmen)

Indian Mutiny 1857-59, clasps Delhi, Relief of Lucknow, Lucknow, Thos Owens, 9th Lancers.

Correct on medal roll, which confirms service no as 1987

The 9th The Queen’s Royal Lancers,  “the Delhi Spearmen’ whose regiment gained no less than 13 Victoria Crosses during the Indian Mutiny, justifying the unique honour of a Twenty-one Gun Salute on leaving India.

He is confirmed as having been present in the siege of Delhi lasted from 30th May to 14th September 1857, and was then present in action with Sir Colin Campbell’s force at the relief of Lucknow in November 1857, and then in action at Lucknow from November 1857 through to March 1858.

Condition – Bottom clasp face reattached with solder on left side.  Edge bruising and contact marks. GVF