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A Ctesiphon 1915 casualty group


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A Ctesiphon 1915 casualty group

IGS 1854, clasp Burma 1889-92 to: 3025 Pte W. Gill 2nd Bn Devon Reg, and 1914-15 trio to: Sgt W.J. Gill 1/ Yorks Reg.

William Spencer Gill born in Saugor, East Indies, enlisted 21st May 1890, the son of a Captain in the Bengal army.

Served in North Eastern column, Burma 1891-92 in the Devon regiment.

He undertook a transport training course in 1894.

Being discharged in India in 1902

Re enlisting in the 1st Bn Yorkshire Regiment he was posted to Mesopotamia presumably due to his previous training in Transport as a Sergeant, His MIC stating entering the theatre of war on the 1st February 1915.

C.W.G.C. records show Gill as being killed between 22nd November to 1st December 1915 which ties up with the Battle of Ctesiphon

The group had been broken up for some time, but was reunited in 1998 and formed a article in Medal News in 1999.

Sold with the original envelope of issue for his memorial plaque addressed to a T.F. Gill in Australia. Research including service papers, MIC etc

Medals in EF condition.