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A good Armourer Sergeant pair to the 93rd Highlanders


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A good Armourer Sergeant pair to the 93rd Highlanders

Indian Mutiny 1857-59, 2 clasps, Relief of Lucknow, Lucknow (Armr. Sergt. J. Bates, 93rd Highlanders); India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Umbeyla (3893 Armr Sergt. J. Bates H.M. 93rd Highrs.)

John Bates was born in the Parish of Whitechapel, London, and attested for the 93rd Highlanders at Westminster on 9 April 1856, aged 21, a gun smith by trade.

He served in the rank of Armourer Sergeant throughout his two periods of limited engagement, including one year 6 months at Gibraltar, and twelve years 9 months in the East Indies, followed by another 70 days at Gibraltar prior to his discharge on 17 August 1880.

He was then ‘in possession of the Indian Mutiny Medal and 2 clasps, the Indian North West Frontier Medal and 1 clasp, and the Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct. His conduct was ‘very good’, his name was never entered in the Regimental Defaulters Book; never tried by Court Martial; never wounded.

Sold with copied discharge papers and medal roll entries.

Medals NVF,suspension claw tightened on first, contact marks