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A good Mutiny / Afghan pair to an officer


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Indian Mutiny medal, with clasp “Lucknow” with Afghan War medal, 1878-80, no clasp.

To : Ensign L. Macdonald “late 73rd NI attached 42nd Highlanders” (fine running script) on Mutiny; Maj. L. Macdonald, 27th Ben. N.I. on Afghan.

An interesting pair of officer’s medals.

Lorne Macdonald entered HEIC service and served with the 73rd NI but after they mutinied (killing at least one of their officers) was posted to the 42nd Black Watch.

Served with them through the Mutiny campaign, including actions at Kala Nudee, Shamshabad, siege and capture of Lucknow, attack on Fort Ruya and action at Allygunge. He would certainly have seen some action with the 42nd!

By the time of the Afghan War, Macdonald was serving as 2 i/c of the 14th Ferozepore Sikhs but (as Shadbolt relates) did not serve with them in the campaign.

Instead, he was posted as officiating 2 i/c to the 27th Bengal Infantry and served with them through both campaigns. This battalion saw a great deal of active service in some of the local punitive expeditions and suchlike.

He was present in the action at Ali Boghan and was Mentioned in Dispatches.

Regrettably, Macdonald came to a tragic end – in October 1882, he was thrown from his carriage in Agra and died hours later of a fractured skull; he is buried in Agra – a sad end to a long and active career.

With a file of basic research but much more to be done on his 1860-80 career etc.

Medals on original ribbons, stitched as worn, and in approaching EF condition.