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A Good Naval, Baltic, Crimea (Sebastopol and Azoff) group


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A Good Naval, Baltic, Crimea (Sebastopol and Azoff) group

Baltic 1854, Crimea, clasps Sebastopol, Azoff, Alfred William Emett, Turkish Crimea (Sardinian issue) Note Crimea engraved in running script.

Correct on rolls for Baltic and Crimea, confirming both clasps.

In the Baltic he served on St Jean D’Acre and in the Crimean War he was on HMS Curlew in the Azoff campaign and Queen for Sebastopol; recorded as being Ship’s Steward

St Jean D’Acre

St Jean d’Acre was commissioned at Plymouth by Captain Henry Keppel on 21 May 1853. She was completed for sea on 20 September 1853. She served in the Western Squadron. Her trials at Stokes Bay were on 3 December 1853, where she made an average of 11.199 knots.

Originally it was intended to fit the 700 nhp Napier engine from the iron-frigate Simoom, but it was decided that as St Jean d’Acre was a new ship, they would order a new engine. She was therefore fitted with a 600 nhp Penn two-cylinder horizontal single-expansion trunk engine. The cylinders were 70.75 in diameter, with a stroke of 3.5 ft. On her Stokes Bay trials on 3 December 1853 the engine generated 2,136 ihp.

In May 1854 she formed part of the Allied Fleet serving in the Baltic against Russia in the Crimean War. In 1855, she joined the fleet in the Black Sea. On 7 July 1855 Captain George King took command.

HMS Curlew
Armed with 9  32 pounder guns, a Screw Steam Sloop., 60 Horse–power. Her Commander was  Rowley Lambert who was on her books from 10 August 1854. Curlew took part in the First Expedition to Kertch 3rd – 5th May 1855 and in the Azoff campaign.
HMS Queen
Queen was engaged in the Bombardment of Sebastopol on 17 October 1854 during the Crimean War. She was set on fire three times and eventually forced to withdraw from the action. The famous Timothy the tortoise, who was about 160 years old when she died in 2004, was the ship’s mascot during this time.

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