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A rare Russian Civil War ‘Murmansk 1919’ M.C. and Order of St. Anne group of four


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A rare Russian Civil War ‘Murmansk 1919’ M.C. and Order of St. Anne group of four

To Captain A. B. Glover, Syren Force Signal Company, Royal Engineers, for services during the 1919 offensive to capture Medvyeja-Gora

Military Cross, G.V.R., unnamed as issued; British War and Victory Medals (Capt. A. B. Glover.); Russia, Empire, Order of St Anne, 4th Class breast badge by Edouard, 38mm, partial maker’s stamp on reverse, kokoshnik mark ‘56’ on eyelet,

M.C. London Gazette 3 October 1919:

GLOVER, Lieut. (A./Capt.) Arthur Bernard, M.C., R.E. (T.F.) (NORTH RUSSIA [MURMANSK]).

“As O.C. Signals, in all operations from the taking of the Onda Bridge and Segeja on 19th February, 1919, to the occupation of Medvyeja-Gora on 21st May, 1919, he has worked splendidly, directing the repair of broken lines under heavy fire and maintaining communication. This meant at times walking twenty miles in a night under severe Arctic conditions. He showed great pluck and devotion to duty.”

Order of St. Anne confirmed in War Office Confidential List 16 July 1921.

Arthur Bernard Glover, 2nd Lieutenant R.E. Signal Service (T.F.) 14 January 1915;

Temp. Lieutenant, 6 October 1915;
Lieutenant, 1 June 1916; transferred to T.F. Reserve of Officers, 1919;
Captain, 2 October 1920;
Captain, Royal Signals T.A.R.O., attached 49th (West Riding) Divisional Signals (T.F.), December 1921;
recalled 28 August 1930;

relinquished commission on attaining age limit, 2 April 1941.

Glover is mentioned on page 59 of Churchill’s Secret War with Lenin, by Damien Wright.

Note: MIC confirms only entitled to the War and Victory medals, i.e. not missing a 1914/15 star

medals NEF, except St Anne where the reverse centre chipped and cracked on this.