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A scarce very early NW Europe 1940 Royal Arty. casualty (Dublin man)


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A scarce very early NW Europe 1940 R. A. casualty (Dublin man)

1939-45 Star and War Medal (unnamed as issued); George V. “Regular Army” LSGC (1017758 B.Q.M.S. Sgt. J. Largan, R.A.)

Died in France on 5th January 1940 and buried in Gezaincourt Cem. Extension. This lies between Doullens and Abbeville.

Served in No. 1 Medium Regt., R.A.

Recorded as being from Dublin; we believe he enlisted in 1920 (possibly recalled for WW2 service).

This is a very early date for a British casualty – and during the “Phoney War”.

One of only 2 British soldiers recorded as died in France on that day – probably of disease or accident.

LSGC with slight contacting; others NEF.