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A Superb and Rare Vir Chakra awarded 1948, Operation Polo, Hyderabad


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A Superb and Rare Vir Chakra awarded 1948, Operation Polo, Hyderabad

Vir Chakra, 26473 Sep Ujagar Singh , 1 Bn, Sikh R-4 June 1948.

Gazette Notification: 2 Pres 50, 26th January 1950

V: 1948 Polo – Hyderabad

Date of Award: 04 Jun 1948


On 4th Jun 1948, in operations against tribesmen in Kashmir Valley at Tithwal, No 2 Platoon of lA’ Company, 1st Battalion of the Sikh Regiment was holding MIR KALSI Ridge. At dawn the enemy, 2 Coy strong well supported by 3.7 Gun Hows, Mortars and MMGs put in a heavy attack on No 2 P1. Sepoy Ujagar Singh was No 2 in Mortar No 1 of his Platoon. One Bren Gunner of the enemy stubbornly advanced within 10 yards of Sepoy Ujagar Singh. While supporting his Platoon with his Mortar, Sepoy Ujagar Singh at the same time engaged the enemy Bren Gunner at point blank range with his Mortar but it seemed to have little effect on the resolute enemy. Sepoy Ujagar Singh snatched the Rifle of his Mortar No 2 and went out a few yards and closed in with the enemy Bren Gunner. Shooting the enemy dead, he captured the Bren and 2 Magazines and came back to his position and carried on with his 2 in Mortar support to his Platoon.

This gallant action was instrumental in demoralising the enemy and had a marked effect on the course of Battle. An inspiration to all ranks in his Platoon, this brave man’s courage total disregard of life and devotion to duty was an outstanding example.

A total of 1327 Air Chakra’s have been awarded since its creation in 1947

The Vir Chakra is an Indian gallantry award presented for acts of bravery in the battlefield. The award of the decoration carries with it the right to use Vr.C. as a postnominal abbreviation. It is third in precedence in the wartime gallantry awards and comes after the Param Vir Chakra and Maha Vir Chakra.

Condition – VF, some surface were., nice tone.