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A Superb Indian Army Officer’s late Victorian -WW1 Group with multiple MIDs.


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A Superb Indian Army Officer’s late Victorian -WW1 Group with multiple MIDs.

India General Service 1854, 3 clasps: Sikkim 1888, Hazara 1888, Samana 1891, (Sergt E.J. Ryan Comt Dept Bd); India Gerneral Service 1895, three clasps: Relief of Chitral 1895, Tirah 1897-98, Waziristan 1901-02 (Sub Condtr E.J. Ryan Commt Transpt Dept); 1914 star, (Capt. S & T Corps.); British War and Victory (MID leaf on Victory) (Major E.J. Ryan); Long Service and Good Conduct  (Edw VII) (Condtr. S & T Corps); Tibet Medal  (Lieut. E.J. Ryan. S & T Corps.) (Note first two and sixth are engraved in usual running script; the Tibet medal is renamed – in engraved upright capitals.)

With a detailed file of research, LGs and copies of Indian Army papers.

Edward John Ryan was born in Bangalore, Madras in October 1864, and enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1884 and served as a Gunner in C/4 RA between September 1884 and May 1886.
On the Unattached List from May 1886 until September 1887 when he was promoted to Sergeant and served as such until March 1889.

From March 1889 he served as a Sub-Conductor in the Indian Commissariat and Transport Dept., becoming Asst. Commissary and Hon Lieut. in December 1908.
Deputy Commissary and Hon Captain in February 1913
Commissary and Hon Major in September 1917.

Retired in October 1919.

Sikkim 1888 – promoted to Sub Conductor for his services with the Sikkim and Hazara Field Forces.

Hazara 1888 – Mentioned in dispatches.

Samana 1891 – Transport of the Miranzai Field Force.

Relief of Chitral – on Special duty, lines of communication; Mentioned in Dispatches.

Tirah Field Force – on lines of communication.

Waziristan 1901-02, in command of Ordnance Godown at Jandola.

France and Flanders – served in the Lahore Division, Oct. 1914 to Nov. 1915.

Mesopotamia 1915-1916 – Assistant Transport Officer, Force “D”

Mahsud Campaign 1917 – served with the South Waziristan Force, May 1917 to Sept 1917 and  Mentioned in Dispatches.

Marri Uprising 1918 – served as Base Supply Officer in Marri Country, April 1918.

Also served at various times in command of the transport etc. for one of Lord Roberts’ tours of India and for a Viceregal tour.

NOTE: The Court Mounted group was bought by the previous owner some years ago, the renamed Tibet to Ryan being purchased much later by the collector from auction to re-unite the group. His entitlement to a Tibet medal is not confirmed but it is clearly as he had it.

Condition, first six are court mounted for display and generally NVF and better;  last (Tibet) is loose, and NEF.
NOTE: the Tirah clasp on the IGS 95 should be Punjab Frontier.