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A Very scarce Royal Navy Egypt 1882 and QSA group to the Captain of HMS Monarch during the Boer War 1899-1900


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A Very scarce Royal Navy Egypt 1882 and QSA group to the Captain of HMS Monarch during the Boer War 1899-1900

Egypt 1882, no clasp ‘ Lieut R D B Bruce, HMS Euphrates’, Queens South Africa 1899, clasp Cape Colony ‘ Capt R L B Bruce. HMS Monarch’, Khedive’s Star 1882, miniatures of Egypt pair

Captain Robert Dalrymple Barwick Bruce was born in 23rd November 1849 in Ripon, Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Entered the Royal Navy 11th March 1862

Midshipman service 1862 to 1868 unresearched

Sub Lieutenant- 23rd Nov 1868

Arethusa – 9th June 1869

Royal Alfred – 20th Oct 1869

Royalist- 7th June 1869

Myrmidon – 2nd Dec 1871

Ariadne – 13th Jan 1872

Lieutenant – 30th Dec 1872

Royal Naval College – 26th March 1873

Excellent – 4th Oct 1873

Valiant – 31st Jan 1874

Druid – 17th July 1874

Duke of Wellington – 17th Jan 1877

Euphrates – 25th July 1877

Asia – 18th Dec 1878

Crocodile – 6th Oct 1880

Euphrates – 12th July 1882 – Medals for Egypt 1882 Campaign

Torpedo and gunnery course – 4th Oct 1884

Penelope – 11th April 1885

Commander – 31st Dec 1886

Firefly – 31st Dec 1886

Various training courses – 12th April 1887 to 1890?

Command at Hankow, China station

1st Feb 1892 hospital at Shanghai, then invalided home. 27th June 1892 reported fit for Home Service.

Hearty – 15th Aug 1892

Captain – 1st Jan 1894

Indefatigable –

Gunnery, Fleet Tactic courses etc – 3rd Feb 1896

Naiad – 8th July 1896

Monarch – 26th Jan 1897 – Medal for service during Boer War 1899-1900

Galatea –  27th April 1900 until died (still Commanding) 3rd Feb 1901

The above extracted from his service record (included in sale) which is a little hard to read so exact dates may be a little off.

HMS Monarch 3rd Class armoured screw battle ship of 8,845 tons. During the Boer War served from the outbreak of the war, having been part of the Cape Squadron during the whole of Captain Bruce’s Command. During the Boer War the ship served between October 1899 and June 1902. Guard ship at Simons Bay during entire period, many of the ship’s compliment serving as part of the Naval Brigade, including during Captain Bruce’s Command. Ships complement received 1262 QSA medals, with 1096 clasps; some no clasp, some multiples. Of these 156 clasps were for Cape Colony.

Captain Bruce died on 3 Feb 1901 ‘in the execution of his duty whilst in command of HMS Galatea at Queen Victoria’s funeral’. He is buried at Haslar Naval Cemetery with Naval Honours. Galatea was an armoured Cruiser 1st Class; late Tentative Types Of Ironclads

A very scarce ships Captain’s QSA medal. 31 Royal Navy ships were entitled to the QSA medal, 5 with no clasp and 7 with less than 20 clasps (including multiple clasp medals) for the entire complement. Of ships’ commanding officers, 43 medals were issued; 10 to Lieutenants, 13 to Commanders and 20 to Captain ranked officers.  Of these only 14 Captains were entitled to medals with clasps, 6 with one clasp (including Bruce), 8 with 2 or more.

Captain Bruce was Commanding officer of one of the few ships of the Royal Navy stationed at the Cape at the outbreak of the Boer War.

Condition GVF, very little contact to Egypt from Star and QSA issued after Bruce’s death. Medals nicely toned. Middle initial on QSA ‘L’ rather than ‘D’ but medal roll is a bit messy and looks more like a ‘L’, therefore impressed that way.