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Abu Klea Casualty – 5th Dragoon Guards


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Abu Klea Casualty – 5th Dragoon Guards

Egypt (undated reverse) clasps The Nile 1884-85, Abu Klea, 1787 Pte B. Sargeant. 5th Dgn Gds.

Pte B. Sargeant was Killed in Action at Abu Klea whilst serving in the 5th Dragoon Guards Heavy Camel Regiment. The heavy cavalry took the brunt of the Mahdist attack on the rear face of the square and buckled during the attack, suffering heavy casualties.

Out of 32 Officers and Men present 20 were either killed or wounded and two men were awarded the D.C.M. for Abu Klea.

Medal – VF; correction to no ‘7’ on regimental number