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An interesting Royal Air Force Prisoner of War group, during which time he was one of the men responsible for Coding messages in the camp. (Author of ” Flyers Tale”)


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An interesting Royal Air Force Prisoner of War group, during which time he was one of the men responsible for Coding messages in the camp. (Author of ” Flyers Tale”)

1939-45 Star; Air Crew Europe Star; 1939-45 War medal; Bomber Command medal; Log book and Air Ministry letter forwarding his log book.

William Wrightson Hall few in 99 Squadron in Wellington bombers unfortunately being short  Down on his second operation.  His first operation was to Boulogne on 27 May 1941, and his second fateful operation was to Düsseldorf on 9 June 1941 where is aircraft was shot time and he was taken prisoner.

His logbook covers the period 25th of August 1940 up to him being  shotdown on 27 May 1941. Near Schaijk, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

Mission  Düsseldorf Took off from RAF Waterbeach. The aircraft was coned by searchlights and shot down by night fighter pilot Unteroffizier Heinrick Macke  of the 1/.NJG 1, who was flying a BF 110 from Venlo airfield. Both survivors are wounded. Sgt Harley been the most seriously hurt with shrapnel embedded in his back. Those who died are buried in Uden War cemetery:

In 1989 sgt Hall wrote a brief report of this action, followed by an account of his time spent in a prisoner of war camp. His book was published by Merlin books Ltd under the title, flyers tail.

William Hall was the second of a crew of six to jump from the burning plane.  Suffering from and injured shoulder he ended up in a field just outside the village.

 “About 200 yards away I saw a house in the moonlight which I  knocked on. The inhabitant came out, but only understood the words Doctor and then scratched the route to the house where the doctor lived with  a twig  in the cinder path. I walked there and knocked on door.

 The doctor treating my wounds, and soon two non-uniformed Dutchman came in and made a stern and unfriendly impression. I could not understand them they spoke Dutch. When the doctor offered me a glass of wine, I made a toast to those present noticing that the two men did not respond.

 Moments later two Germans in uniform came in and took me away to be put in the cell across the street.

 Early in the morning whilst it was still dark hey girl, I thought to be the doctors daughter, came to bring me sandwiches.   During the course of the night same German officer I have met to the doctors Took me to his HQ, where my flight suits was taken off and my details were called to his superior. Then I was taken to Germany as a prisoner war.”

Stalag “Kopernikus”  at Thorn (now known as Torun)  in Poland was about 180 Miles Northwest Walsall. The camp were situated about one and a half miles from Thorn Railway station from which the prisoners were marched. Later the camp became known has stalag XXA.

Hall is recorded as being held in Stalag Luft VI and from October 1943 is listed as being one of the Coding staff , from whom received messages were received by I.S.9.

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