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An outstanding 1940 Dunkirk M.M., 1963 B.E.M. group – Middlesex Regiment & Royal Military Police.


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An outstanding 1940 Dunkirk M.M., 1963 B.E.M. group of eight awarded to Staff Sergeant J. S. Burton, Royal Military Police, late Middlesex Regiment

Military Medal, G.VI.R. 6203625 L-Cpl. J. S. Burton. Midd’x R.; British Empire Medal, Military Division, E.II.R. 22969782 Sgt. John S. Burton. M.M., R.M.P.; 1939-45 Star; France & Germany Star; Defence and War Medals 1939-45; General Service 1962-2007, 1 clasp, Malay Peninsula, 22969782 Sjt. J. S. Burton. RMP.; Efficiency Medal, Territorial, G.VI.R. 6203625. Cpl. J. S. Burton. Mx, mounted as worn, pin removed.

M.M. London Gazette 22 October 1940.(Dunkirk) The recommendation states:

‘L/Cpl. Burton took over command of the section to which he belonged at Werwicq on May 24 when all the senior NCOs had been wounded. Though wounded himself and under heavy shelling, mortar and machine gun fire he personally superintended and led all the wounded out of the position. He then returned to find that the guns were out of action and the two remaining men had been mortared out of position. He crawled forward remounted the guns and kept them in action, inflicting severe loses on the enemy. By his example, the morale of the section was completely restored and they were able to inflict further casualties on the enemy.’

B.E.M. London Gazette 8 June 1963. The original recommendation states:

‘Sergeant Burton was posted to this unit as Permanent Staff Instructor in May 1961 when this unit was raised and was entirely on his own for the most difficult first six months.

Any success of the unit’s operational and police duty efficiency is largely due to his outstanding determination and diligence in training raw material to a high pitch of enthusiasm and loyalty. He is not only a magnificent example to young T.A. Soldiers to follow but he has never spared himself in guiding and moulding a first class team.

He has worked long hours in his spare time in order to assist the unit in every way and the service of which he is so proud. He won the Military Medal at Dunkirk as a Territorial Soldier in the Middlesex Regiment and for many years in the Royal Military Police has carried responsibilities and made decisions above those required by his rank.

It is entirely due to his efforts that within a year of its formation the unit has been commended for carrying out such Regular Army commitments as the Aldershot ‘Army at Home’ and the move of AER Formations to training locations. His bearing and example are exceptional in a Corps in which principle requires and extremely high standard.’

John Stanley Burton served with the 1/7th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment during the Second World War. Having won his M.M. for the operations around Dunkirk, he saw further action in North West Europe before war’s end. Having earned his Efficiency Medal in 1949, he joined the Royal Military Police, seeing active service on the Malay Peninsula in 1966 and with 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade Provost Unit. He served also with 2 Division Provost Unit and was discharged from 150 Provost Company at Catterick in 1969.

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