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Ashantee 1873-4 – To a Major 2nd Battalion West India Regiment, who fought at the battles of Essamen, Accamfoo and Ampinee.


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Ashantee 1873-4 – To a Major 2nd Battalion West India Regiment, who fought at the battles Essamen, Accamfoo and Ampinee, Ashantee War, West India Regiment

Ashantee 1873-4, Lt R. F. Devereux. 2nd W. I. Regt. 1873-4 (Officially engraved, with neat official correction to rank and initials)

Obituary in the Wicklow People, 5th July 1913:-

“Major Robert F Devereux.

Major Robert F Devereux, late of the Royal Irish Fusiliers Reserve Regiment, and previously of the 2nd West India Regiment, died suddenly on June 21st at his residence, Berlin Lodge, Leinster Square, rathmines, aged 66.

Major Devereux was the youngest son of the Reverend Nicholas Devereux, D.D.  Ballyrankin House, Ferns, County Wexford.  He entered the army on the 13th July 1870, was promoted to the rank of Major in 1881, and retired in 1882.

He served in the Ashanti War of 1873-4, and was present at the action of Essamen, Accamfoo and Ampinee”

The Devereux family of Ballyrankin have a long history in Ireland, the first came to Ireland with the Norman Invasion and contributed to the clergy of both Catholic and Protestant Churches.  The lived for generations at the Mansion of Ballyrankin House, known locally as “The big house” it was burned down by insurgents during the troubles in 1921, since 1912 it had came into the procession of Walter Claremount Skrine, husband of poet Agnes Skrine and mother of the famous Irish novelist Molly Keane.

Devereux is mentioned in Freeman’s Journal 17th September 1873, shortly before the Ashantee expedition:

“Lieutenant R. F. Devereux , 2nd West India Regiment , as been appointed Fort Adjutant at Cape Coast Castle.”

He is also mentioned in The Story of the Ashantee Campaign:

On page 173 detailing the column that will go into action at Essamen.

The order of march was as follows…..(Full listing of units involved) 65 West India Soldiers brought up the rear, under Capt Forbes, Brett, and Fowler, and Lieutenant Devereux.”

Condition – VF+ some slight surface scratches.

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