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Biron Gontaut, Armand Louis de


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Biron Gontaut, Armand Louis de

French soldier and politician, who played a role both in the American war for Independence and the French Revolution. In 1779, he captured Fort St. Louis in Senegal from the British; in 1781 de Gontaut was part of the advance party of the main French army of Rochambeau sent to reinforce George Washington at the siege of Yorktown; after the Yorktown campaign and subsequent British surrender, he returned to France a hero and was made “Maréchal de Camp”.

During the Reign of Terror, Carrier accused him of treason and he was guillotined. Certificate for service of Lt. Joseph Moussler, signed “Biron” as General Commander of Valenciennes, one page memo of the 89th Infantry Regiment, Valenciennes, March 13, 1792,

rare and attractive, accompanied by a engraving of Biron.