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Boer War and WW1 Long Service group – 11th Hussars , General List and M.G.C.


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Boer War and WW1 Long Service group – 11th Hussars , General List and M.G.C.

(scarce QSA to the 11th Hussars).

Queens South Africa, clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, 4208 Pte A.E.  Eltringham. 11th Hussars; British war and Victory medals, Q.M. & Lieut A.E. Eltringham; L.S.G.C. (Geo V) 7689 Q.M.Sjt. A.E.Eltringham. 11 / Hrs

Arthur Edward Eltringham was born in Hounslow, Middlesex, his father was a soldier serving at Hounslow Barracks when he died on the 13th October 1881, Arthur was only a few months old when his Father died. His mother went onto marry a Gunner in the Royal Artillery called James. H. Blevens

He enlisted in the 8th Hussars on the 22nd September 1898, transferring to the  11th (PAO) Hussars in 1899.

The 11th Hussars did not serve in South Africa with only a few men sent as signallers, Officers’ servants or attached to the Army Veterinary Department.

Eltringham appears on a roll by himself for the Queens South Africa., which confirms all four clasps and which also confirms he was Servant to Lt Colonel Lord E. Talbot, who was commanding officer of 11th Hussars.

It also notes he was left behind at Modder River, and consequently loses clasps for Kimberley etc,  but he gets clasps for Cape Colony , Free State for presence at actions in both, for which no clasps are given.

His MIC for the First World War shows him as “General List” Lieutenant and Quarter Master, serving in Egypt from 24th September 1918; also shows as attached to Machine Gun Corps

Demobilised 22nd April 1920

Died 26th September 1945 in Hams-Lane Babcary , Somerset.

Condition – NEF, and mounted for wear.