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Boer War / WW1 group to the York & Lancs, later ASC


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Boer War / WW1 group to the York & Lancs, later ASC

Comprising, Queens South Africa, clasps Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith , Laings New  (ghost dates).5171 Pte R. Taylor 1st Y&L Regt, 1914 star, War and Victory medals R.T.S. 2545 Pte R. Taylor A.S.C.

“RTS” stands for “Remounts special”.The ASC Remounts Service was responsible for the provisioning of horses and mules to all other army units. It was not a large part of the ASC, despite the huge numbers of animals produced, amounting to only four Remount Squadrons in 1914 that ran 4 Remount Depots at home (Woolwich, Dublin, Melton Mowbray and Arborfield).
A Remount Squadron consisted of approximately 200 soldiers, who obtained and trained 500 horses. They were generally older, experienced soldiers.

A Base Remount Depot (with 2,600 animals) and two Advanced Remount Depots (300 each) went to France with the original British Expeditionary Force. For an account of the the Remounts Squadron in the BEF, written by a man who would have been Robert Taylor’s colleague, see

Not entitled to Laing’s Nek (contemporary copy). Otherwise Entitlement confirmed and copy documents.

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