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Boxed Anzio casualty group to R.E.M.E.


Italy Star group to REME killed in action at Anzio 28th April 1944.

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1939-45 Star, Italy Star, War Medal.

With named box of issue (to father) in Highgate and Condolence Slip.

Joseph Haley, REME.

with – small lapel badge [“silver”] with brooch pin – central enamelled dark blue band dividing two sets of chevrons on hachured background. Presumably an REME company emblem or unit badge.

to – “the late” No. 1436816 J. Hale, REME

Craftsman Joseph Haley, killed in action aged 21, at Anzio, 28th April 1944; son of Thomas and Dorothy Maud Haley, of Birmingham.

Buried Anzio Beach Head War Cemetery.

Medals NEF; slip rather creased; box in nice condition.