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Canada 1902 – Government Education Award


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Canada 1902 – Government Education Award

Bronze medal given in 1902 by the Canadian Govt. as an award to British schoolchildren writing about Canada.

Bronze, standard 35mm diameter, with arms of Canada surrounded by “School Competition 1902 / Subject “The Dominion of Canada”” on obverse; reverse a wreath of maple leaves and, in centre, “Presented by the Canadian Government 1902”. With integral top ring.

This award originated in 1900 when the Canadian Govt. was anxious to spread the word about Canada amongst potential British immigrants. They inaugurated a writing contest to which approx. 900 British schools enlisted and a bronze medal dated 1900-01 was awarded one per school to the best contributor writing about Canada.

The scheme was deemed to be so successful that they repeated it in 1902 and awarded the medal offered here – exactly the same as the 1900-01 type except for the date and a variant ribbon which reflected the various colours of the Canadian provinces.

A scarce and attractive medal for what it is – seldom seen; we have never seen another example of this award..

In NEF condition on original ribbon and wearing pin.