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Canadian WW2 group – Dieppe raid.


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1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Canadian War Medal with clasp, Defence and War Medal (silver Canadian types), GSM EiiR, clasp “Malaya”.

to – 22562026 S/Sgt. L. M. Hodgson, R.E. (on GSM; rest unnamed)

Served in the famous Dieppe Raid in 1942.

With copy of contemporary newspaper cutting, with photo, with details of his actions during the Dieppe Raid, in which he is stated to have been wounded.

Louis Hodgson came from Waterloo, Ontario (part of the “Twin City” of Waterloo and Kitchener) and enlisted in October 1939 into the Hastings and King Edward Regiment. He was clearly a medical orderly and “worked feverishly on the battle-swept French coast at Dieppe, tending the wounded and the dying”. He  “was with the medical corps unit that landed in the third wave at Dieppe. Two regiments tried to get in ahead of them but were driven back. ‘Then the machine guns went in and opened a way for us’ … Hodgson was with the advance dressing station”.

Re – Operation Jubilee the ill-fated Dieppe raid, on 19 August 1942.

Ronald Atkin, in his book Dieppe 1942, wrote, ‘The Canadians who had been itching to get into action for two years were flung into battle ill prepared and inadequately armed, reduced to overcoming concrete and barbed wire with little more than sheer courage. Of the 5,000 men who took part almost 3,500 were killed, captured, or wounded, and many of those who returned were never actually landed on French soil. Casualties in some Canadian sections were higher than ninety percent. On that one August morning the Canadians alone suffered 906 men killed, and lost more as prisoners than in the whole
20 months of the Italian campaign. Not since the Somme in 1916 had a Canadian military formation suffered such shattering losses.’

Bar mounted as originally worn.

Slight contact wear, GVF.