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Candahar 1842 – 40th Regiment Died Candahar January 1842


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Candahar 1842 – 40th Regiment Died Candahar 20th January 1842

Private John Cooke H M 40th Regiment. Correctly engraved naming.

495 John Cooke died 20th January 1842 only 8 days after the 40th attacked a large force of insurgents who were concentrated in a fortified village on the Argahandab river 5 miles west of Candahar, during which the 40th suffered 1 officer and nine men wounded, the roll of casualties shows 10 men who “died” during the remainder of January 1842 including Cooke.  It is possible the Cooke died of wounds received during that action.

Scarce only 64 medals to the regiment.

Sold with a copy of Gordon Everson’s article The Fighting Fortieth at Candahar which gives a reconstructed roll of the 2 officers and 62 men of the 40th who qualified for this medal, the majority of whom were murdered or died during the campaign.

Condition – VF