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Captain W. Darkin, 56th (1st London) Divisional Signals


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Captain W. Darkin, 56th (1st London) Divisional Signals

1939-45 Star; Africa Star, clasp, 8th Army; Italy Star; Defence and War Medals 1939-45; Efficiency Decoration, Territorial, G.VI.R., 2nd type, with additional service bar, both officially dated ‘1950’; Poland, Republic, Monte Cassino Cross, reverse numbered ‘49641’, mounted as worn, the first three gilded, the fourth and fifth silvered,

With two original card identity tags named ‘69477 Capt Darkin W’, with a small bronze Bexley Heath & District Motor Cycling Club fob, the reverse engraved ‘Langmaid Trial. 1939. W. Darkin.’ and Trophy plaque, engraved City of London Signals TA Sigmn Darkin W 1936

2nd Lieut 20th April 1938, London Divisional Signals

2nd Lieut 21st November 1939

Temp Capt 11th November 1943

War Sub cant 11th April 1945

London Gazzette 9th March 1962 “Capt W Darkin TD (69477) having exceeded the age limit ceases to belong to the TA Res of Officers, 10th March 1962, retaining the rank of Capt”

We have found no entitlement to the Polish Monte Casino cross, (The issue number being part of the batch of unissued Cross’s released on to the market) ¬†however the group is mounted as worn, and has been sold as such previously.

There is probably an interesting story behind Darkin’s “self award” of the cross, which we will probably never know.

Condition – GVF, mounted as worn