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Crimea and Baltic Naval group, HMS Leander.


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Crimea and Baltic Naval group, HMS Leander.

Crimea 1854-56, clasp, Sebastopol, J. Devlin  N.B.Leander; Baltic 1854; Turkish Crimea, British issue (Replaced Crimea style suspension) Crimea naming is contemporary engraved, others unnamed as issued.

John Devlin was born in Co Donegal, Ireland on the 12th October 1823

Enlisted July 1848, serving on the Leander from November 1853 to September 1856, he went on to serve until October 1860. He had previously served on the Cambrian from September 1848 to November 1850.

He went on to serve on the James Watt and he also served as a boatman at Donaghadee from April 1857 to December 1857 and after that date.

With copied medal rolls confirming the Crimea and Baltic medals, Davlin on the Crimea, and Devlin on the Baltic.

Note his papers show his surname spelt as Devlin or Davlin.

Condition – GVF