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Crimea, Sebastopol – Midshipman, H.M.S. Sidon


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Crimea, Sebastopol – Midshipman on H.M.S. Sidon

Crimea, clasp, Sebastopol, M.C.C. Roberts, Midshipman, H.M.S. Sidon (Officially engraved by Hunt and Roskell)

Marmaduke Coghill Cramer Roberts was born in Ireland in 1841 and served as a Naval Cadet aboard Sidon from 14 June 1855-30 July 1856, removing to the Gladiator.

Sidon was  a powerful, new steam paddle-frigate; Roberts would have been on onboard when she took part in the major fleet action in the attack on Fort Kinburn in the Dnieper estuary in the autumn of 1855  – the last naval action of the Russian War.

Appointed Midshipman in July 1858, he was discharged on 1 April 1864; rank as Sub-Lieut.

His was declared Bankrupt in February 1876, resident in Scotland.

His extensive and interesting Irish family tree is available on Ancestry, and shows that he died on the 13th April 1877, in Kiltearn, Ross-shire, Scotland.

Condition – NVF, contact marked (pitting) as if worn with an order such as a Medjidieh?