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Diocese of Ripon – Reader’s neck badge/insignia


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Diocese of Ripon – Reader’s Badge/Insignia

Large gilded (silver?) decorated cross, approx. 60mm across, with arms of See of Ripon and “Ripon Diocesan Reader” on obverse; “Beati in Christo” and Christian motifs on reverse.

Is lightly scratched with small initials “ANK” between arms – presumably the wearer.

Such badges are rather scarce and not usually seen in gilt (usually silver).

Church of England website has :

“Readers are lay people who have been selected, trained and licensed by the Bishop of a diocese to preach, teach and lead worship in a pastoral context….Most are licensed to a parish but some are chaplains in prisons, hospitals, hospices or schools, a few are in charge of parishes. Readers give their services to the Church so do not receive payment. Readers are supported by a Warden of Readers and a Secretary in each diocese and by the Central Readers Council based at Church House, Westminster.”

Good condition.