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Dunkirk Prisoner of War – 1st Battalion Border Regiment


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Dunkirk Prisoner of War – 1st Battalion Border Regiment

General Service Medal 1918-62, clasp Palestine, 31840663. Pte. J.B. Sor bi e. Bor d.R (Note Gaps in impressing of surname and regiment)

The 1st Battalion, Border Regiment formed part of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in Europe from 1939–1940, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Horton Farrar. Originally part of the 4th Infantry Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, it was exchanged with the 1/8th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers and became part of the 125th Infantry Brigade of the 42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division. Following the Battle of France, it was evacuated from Dunkirk.

Sorbie is listed as a Prisoner of war, being captured in 1940 this would have been at Dunkirk, His prisoner number is 19955 and he was held at Stalag 20a, Thorn Podgrz

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