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East and West Africa, Witu 1890 – H.M.S. Redbreast – with LSGC


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East and West Africa, Witu 1890 – H.M.S. Redbreast – with naval LSGC

East and West Africa, clasp Witu 1890, T. Watson, A.B. H.M.S. Rebreast; Long Service and Good Conduct (Vic) T. Watson, P.O.2nd Cl., H.M.S. Vivid. (Court mounted for display)

Thomas Watson was born in Queenstown, Co Cork on the 1st June 1864, enlisting on the 6th May 1880 he served until November 1894.

H.M.S. Redbreast was from the Redbreast Class of Gunboat, designed by Sir William Henry White, the Royal Navy Director of Naval Construction in 1888. The hull was of composite construction, that is, iron keel, frames, stem and stern posts with wooden planking. These were the last class of composite-hulled gunboats built for the Royal Navy – the next class of gunboat, the Bramble-class gunboat of 1898, was of steel construction.

The ship was armed with six 4-inch/25-pounder (25cwt) quick firing guns and four machine guns.

Condition – The EWA is NEF, the LSGC slightly contact marked.