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East & West Africa 1887, clasp Witu 1890


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East & West Africa 1887, clasp Witu 1890

To: WA Patch, PO 1stClass, HMS Boadicea

(327 bars to ship, approx. 1000 bars issued)

In September 1890 nine German traders were murdered in Vitu, a small state about 230 miles north of Zanzibar.  On October 24ththe boats of the “Boadicea” Captain the Hon. Assheton Curzon Howe, and those of two other ships, proceeded to Baltia and burnt the village.  On October 26tha Naval Brigade of 700 seamen and marines were landed under the personal command of Vice-Admiral the Hon. Edmund Femantle.  Meeting with some brisk resistance en route, the expedition captured the town of Vitu on October 27th, Gunner George Alfred Jenning, of the “Boadicea” blowing up the town gate with gun cotton. The town and the Sultan’s house were burned, and the brigade returned to their ships, having lost 12 men wounded and developed several cases of sunstroke.  Captain the Hon. Assheton Curzon Howe was made a C.B. for this service.  In 1905 the “Boadicea” was  broken up.

Medal NVF