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Egypt, 1882, “Tel-el-Kebir”, Medjidieh 4th Class, Khedive’s Star – Capt. Daubeny – 2nd Royal Irish.


Egypt, 1882, “Tel-el-Kebir”, Medjidieh 4th Class, Khedive’s Star – Capt. Daubeny 2nd Royal Irish. – 2nd Royal Irish.

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Egypt, 1882, “Tel-el-Kebir”, Ottoman Order of the Medjidieh, 4th Class, Khedive’s Star 1882.

Medjidieh with reverse central cartouche with Arabic inscription.

to – Capt. H. J. Daubeny 2/R. Ir. R. (on Egypt). Minor official correction to surname. Others unnamed.

A well-known military family.

Henry Joseph Daubeny was born in 1847 and educated in Bromsgrove School.

A talented cricketer, he played for Aldershot and Shronecliffe commands.

Ensign in 18th – Oct . 1867; Lieut. 1871.

Captain in the 2nd Battn. at Tel-el-Kebir, gaining a Brevet Majority, mention in dispatches (LG 2.11.82) and the 4th Class of the Medjidieh.

Substantive Major Sept. 1887. Retired 1889.

Dec. 1884 – “Capt. and Brevet Major Henry Joseph Daubeny has been seconded for service as an Adj. of Auxiliary Forces, Royal Fusiliers”. [2nd Tower Hamlets vols.]

The Memoirs of Col. G. B. Daubeny recall :

“[in Clifton, in his grandfather’s house] Here, I met my uncle Henry who in 1882 was at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir and was reported to be the first into the Turkish [sc. Egyptian!] trenches. However, Uncle Henry always says his Corporal beat him by two feet.”

He died in Brighton on 25th April 1905 :

“Major Henry Joseph Daubeny, retired list, Royal Irish Regiment, has died recently at Brighton, aged 57 He joined the Army October, 1867 ; was promoted Captain in June,lB79 ; Brevet Major November, 1882 ; and Major September, 1887. He retired in February, 1889. He served with the Royal Irish in the Egyptian War, 1882, and was present at the action of Kassassin on Sept. 9, and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, brevet ot Major, medal with clasp, Khedive’s star, and 4th Class of the Medjidie)”.

Medals bar mounted as originally worn.

Egypt medal in G.V.F. condition (almost NEF) with only very slight marking from Medjidieh. Others NEF.