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Family Naval group


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Family Naval group

1914-15 Star, J.20754. L.C. Bacon. A.B. R.N.; British War and Victory Medals, J.20754. L.C. Bacon. L.S. R.N. and his Brothers, Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct, J. 27531 (C.H.B. 20014) E.W. Bacon. A.B. R.N.R. (Mounted and worn as one group.)

Lewis Charles Bacon was born 18th September 1895, Suffolk.

He served from September 1912 as Boy.

Died from Heat Failure following Food poisoning 24th May 1918

Ernest William Bacon was born 3rd March 1897, East Bridge, Suffolk.

He served from 18th September 1913, going the Royal Naval Reserve on the 3rd March 1927 and is entitled to a 1915 trio

With a copy of the 1911 census which confirms they are Brothers.

Condition – VF