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First World War Military Medal and bar – North Midland Brigade Royal Field Artillery (First time on the market)


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First World War Military Medal and bar – North Midland Brigade Royal Field Artillery (First time on the market)

Military Medal and second award bar, 810165 Gnr G.A. Williams R.F.A.; 1914-15 Star 1414 Gnr G.A. Williams. R.F.A.; British War and Victory medals, 1414 Gnr. G.A. Williams. R.A. (Court mounted for display)

His MIC confirms Geral A Williams landed in France on the 28th February 1915, and confirms both regimental numbers found on the medals.

Military medal (Edinburgh Gazette 13th February 1919) A Battery 232 Brigade (Wolverhampton)

Bar to Military medal (London Gazette 14th May 1919) A Battery 232 Brigade (Wolverhampton)

CCXXXII (1/3rd North Midland)

On formation in April 1908 it was briefly known as the 2nd North Midland Brigade but became the 3rd on 1 September 1908.

The 3rd North Midland Brigade RFA TF was based at the Artillery Drill Hall at West Park, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. It was comprised of a headquarters, the 4th, 5th and 6th  Staffordshire Batteries and the Brigade Ammunition Column. The 5th Battery was based at West Bromwich and the 6th at Stafford. Each battery was armed with four obsolescent 15-pounder field guns.

The brigade came under orders of the North Midland Division. Its movements and history can be traced on the page describing that division (link below).

Re-armed with modern 18-pounder field guns 19-22 November 1915.

A new “D” Battery was formed 4 May 1916.

On 13 May 1916 the brigade was renamed to 232 Brigade RFA and the batteries given letters.

The Brigade Ammunition Column left to merge into the Divisional Ammunition Column 22 May 1916.

On 23 May 1916 “D” Battery left for 233 Brigade and became its “C” Battery. It was replaced by the arrival of that brigade’s “B” (Howitzer) Battery which was then renamed “D”.

On 28 August 1916 “C” Battery was broken up, with two-gun sections joining “A” and “B” Batteries of 232 Brigade respectively.

512 (Howitzer) Battery joined 27 October 1916 and was renamed “C” (Howitzer) Battery.

Left the division to be converted into an Army Brigade on 3 January 1917. “C” (Howitzer) Battery was broken up, with two-howitzer sections joining the “D” (Howitzer) Batteries of 230 and 231 Brigades respectively. At the same time, “C” Battery arrived from 247 Brigade RFA and became this brigade’s new “C” Battery. A two-howitzer section joined from

“D” (Howitzer) Battery of 247 Brigade and was added to this brigade’s “D” (Howitzer) Battery.

NOTE: First time on the market, purchased from the family, photograph copied from an old family album.

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