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Good 3-clasp Crimea / French MM group – Royal Artillery


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Good 3-clasp Crimea / French MM group – Royal Artillery

Crimean War Medal with clasps Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol, French Medaille Militaire of Napoleon III Crimean type, Turkish Crimea, Sardinian reverse.

to – J. Milligan, Gr. & Dr. 6th Bn, Rl. Arty. [officially impressed] on Crimea; others unnamed as issued.

With French MM roll, census detail and copied service papers – Joseph Milligan was born in 1821 near Ballymena and enlisted into RA at Antrim in Sept. 1846 at the comparatively late age of 25.

Discharged in 1868, ending his service in the Coast Brigade, RA.

Served for over 21 years but any LSGC prospect was negated by his crime sheet!

Papers state possession of “the Crimean Medal with clasps for Inkermann and Sebastopol and Turkish War Medal and also the French War Medal.”

The citation for the French MM (in 8/6 RA) also refers to service at the Alma – “Present at the battle of the Alma and served in the trenches and was present at all bombardments.”

Medal roll for 2/12 Battery shows entitlement to all three clasps; presumably changed battery during the war to serve in 8/6 “before Sebastopol” – this battery was not at the Alma but did take part in the various bombardments.

Despite “intended residence – Woolwich” he actually went to live at Prendergast, Havefordwest, Pembs., where he married in 1868 and died early in 1873, aged only 52. (as recorded in Pembroke Gazette.)

Crimea in about GVF+ condition; MM lacking all blue enamel (as is commonly the case) but otherwise in good condition; Turkish medal GVF+.