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IGS 1854, clasp “Pegu”; Indian Mutiny clasp “Central India”.


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IGS 1854, clasp “Pegu”; Indian Mutiny clasp “Central India”.

To : Major G. Nott, 19th Madras I and Colonel, same regt. on Mutiny.

Unusual to see a Victorian medal named to a Colonel!

Major General George Nott :

Born in Hants. in 1805; served in Madras Army from 1821 to retirement in 1861 in rank of Major General.

Died at his home “Braydon” in Cheltenham in 1884 but appears to be buried in a family grave in Brooklands, Sale, Cheshire.

Related by marriage to the D’Oyly Baronets.

Army lists shows Major General H. Nott served in the Burmese war in 1852-53 (Medal with Clasp for Pegu). Commanded the detachment which captured the rebel Nursimba Reddy in the Ceded Districts in 1846. Served with General Whitlock’s Force in the suppression of the mutiny in Bengal in 1858-59 – but no detailed military history research done.

Medals in near NEF condition.