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IGS 1854, clasps “North West Frontier” and “Pegu”; Crimea/Sebastopol & Turkish Crimea – 18th Royal Irish Rgt.


IGS 1854, clasps “North West Friontier” and “Pegu”; Crimea/Sebastopol and Turkish Crimea – 18th Royal Irish Rgt.

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IGS 1854, two clasps “North West Frontier” and “Pegu”; Crimea medal with clasp “Sebastopol” and Turkish Crimea, Sardinian reverse.

to – Drr. Jas. Stanley, 18th Royal Irish Regt. [on IGS – usual block caps.]; 2297 James Stanley 18th R. I. Regt. [on Crimea – depot impressed]; 2297 J. Stanley 18th R.I. Regt. [on Turkish Crimea – depot impressed]

An uncommon pair of clasps to IGS – NWF awarded for the 1868 Hazara/ Black Mountain campaign with 19th Regt. – 16 years separate the clasps.

With copies of papers, extracts from muster rolls and rolls.

Attested for 18th in 1846. After service in Burma [Pegu] and in the Crimea, he returned to India and in 1865 volunteered for the 19th Regt. in Peshawar, and served on NWF in 1868 – hence two clasps not usually found to the 18th or the 19th!

Discharged at Gosport in 1872.

Medals with contact marking – about VF; Turklish Crimea rather better.