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Indian Mutiny – Bengal Horse Artillery.


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Indian Mutiny – Bengal Horse Artillery.

Indian Mutiny , clasps, Lucknow, Delhi, Gunr Wm Failes, 1st Bde Bengl H. Art.

Both 1/1 and 2/1 Bengal Horse Artillery received these clasps, however 1/1 also qualified for the Relief of Lucknow clasp, so it is most likely that Failes served in 2/1 Bengal Horse Artillery.

The battery under Capt H. Tombs VC was engaged in the following actions:

Hindun River, Badli-ki-Serai, Delhi, Nagafghur, Garakota, Ruiya, Lucknow, Sirsa and Atigunge, Bareilly, Mohamdee, Shahabad.

A good account of the battery’s services is contained in the book, “From Recruit to Staff Sergeant” by N.W. Bancroft.

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