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Indian Mutiny, “Central India” : Lieut., 10th Bombay N. I.


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Indian Mutiny, clasp “Central India”.

To : Lieut. H. W. Harris, 10th Bombay N. I.

Henry William Harris – later Colonel.
Born Caithness, 1835, son of Major H. WE. Harris, 24th FRoot.
EIC Cadet, 1852; extensive Mutiny service :
served in the assault and capture of Rowa, siege and capture of Aliwa, siege and capture of Kotah, occpation of Chandairee, battle of Kotah-ki-Serai, storming of Lushkur, attack on and capture of Gwalior, battle of Sindwaho, battle of Kurrai, action at Koondrai, defeat of Maun Singh’s forces.

Was Baggage Master in Brigadier Smith’s column in Central India and in the Field Force under Col. de Salis, he commanded a detachment of the 10th Bo. NI in the action at Boorda; in the Basoda FF under Major Roome; present in the action at Goonapoora and commanded the infantry at Goripooree (Mentioned in Dispatches); served under Lt. Col. Boyle and was Chief Staff Officer to the Seronge Field Force. (Mutiny medal and clasp.

After the Mutiny, Harris also served in command of the 2nd Sqdn., 1st Bombay Light cavalry in the Kathiawar expedition under the Political Agent, Col. Anderson and in the successful attack on the Waggeer rebels on Tabur Hill in Dec. 1867. (Menioned in Dispathes and thanked by the Gov. in Council).

Lieut. Colonel, 1880; retired 1881 in rank of Colonel and died at Hove in Nov. 1899.

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