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Indian Mutiny medal, clasps “Delhi” and “Lucknow” – Bengal Horse Artillery. (Wounded at Delhi)


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Indian Mutiny medal, clasps Delhi and Lucknow – Bengal Horse Artillery. (Wounded at Delhi)

Indian Mutiny, clasps, Lucknow, Delhi, Gunr Geo. Dickinson, 1st Bde. Bengl H. Art.

Gunner George Dickinson 2nd Troop, 1st Brigade Bengal Horse Artillery was born in Liverpool in 1827 and enlisted in August 1848, and served 20 years, 364 days.

He spent 16 years serving in India being wounded in the head during the assault on Delhi on the 14th September 1857.

He was discharged on the 17th August 1867 and returned to Liverpool later living with his wife in Ashton under Lyne

He died at home on the 31st May 1876 from heart and liver disease aged 47.

The 2nd Troop 1st Brigade Bengal Horse Artillery were stationed at Meerut when the mutiny broke out on the 30th May 1857, but apart from securing the area, nothing was done to prevent the mutineers from marching on Delhi – for which the troops at Meerut were severely criticised.

[see article on this site re the mutiny at Meerut]

The troop was one of the earliest to join the Delhi Field Force and march on the city, seeing action on the 30th and 31st May and again on the 8th June, then through the siege of Delhi 8th June to 14th September 1857, where it served through many of the severe attacks made on the British/Indian siege force on Delhi Ridge, before the city being recaptured on the 14th September, on which day Dickinson was shot in the head. The troop suffered 26 killed and wounded.

The troop remained in action around Delhi until the 21st September; one one occasion during the siege they were charged by rebel cavalry and Lieut J Hills and Major Toms (Commanding the troop) were both awarded the Victoria Cross.

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Condition – GVF, some official corrections to naming / double struck in places. Very slight bend to suspension.