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Interesting Delhi 1903 / 1915 trio to very long serving officer in RA


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1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal with MID emblem, Delhi Durbar 1903. to a Bet Colonel in the Royal Artillery.

to – Bvt. Col. S. V. Thornton, RA on trio; 1903 Durbar unnamed.

With limited research ;

Sidney Vernon Thornton was born in 1859 and commissioned into RA in 1876; he served until 1909 (33 years) and then 1914 to the end of WW1.

Major in 1896. Brevet Colonel in 1907.

He served extensively in India (with no campaign service – 1886-89 and 1897-1901 and 1902-04 and 1905-09) and in Mauritius with the “local artillery” 1895-97.

Also served as Adjutant of the Yorkshire Artillery Militia in Scarborough at one stage.

Commanded 22 Company, Western Div., RGA at Rurki in 1897.

Received the 1903 Delhi Durbar as CO of 94th Company, RGA [medal roll].

“Posted to the Heavy Artillery at Woolwich”, Dec. 1914.

On the outbreak of war he served (according to MIC) with the Divl. Ammunition Column of 36th Div. as Lieut. Colonel, entering theatre of war (France) on 28th Nov. 1915.

Brevet Colonel, Staff, on medal rolls.

Mentioned in Dispatches, LG 4.1.1917.

Home address given as Tunbridge Wells at end of war.

The Colonel died in Jan. 1941 following a fall at his home (Birkin Lodge) in Tunbridge Wells, aged 80.

His wife died only a few months later; they had recently celebrated their 50th anniversary [copy newspaper with photo of both].

A nice group with plenty of scope for research into a long career.

Original ribbons; no top-brooch to Durbar; in NEF condition.