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Natal 1906/1915 Trio/LSGC group to a Farrier Qtrmstr Sgt, Natal Mounted Rifles


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Natal 1906/1915 Trio/LSGC group to a Farrier Quartermaster Sergt, Natal Mounted Rifles

Natal 1906, 1 clasp 1906 (Cpl: S.S. T. B. Robinson, Natal Mtd. Rifles);

1914-15 Star (F.Q.M.S. T. B. Robinson 3rd M.R.);
British War Medal 1914-20, unnamed specimen;
Bilingual Victory Medal 1914-19 (F.Q.M.S. T. B. Robinson 3rd M.R.);
Colonial Auxiliary Force Long Service, G.V.R. (No 45738 F/Qr. Mr. Sjt. T. B. Robinson 3rd. M.R (N.M.R.))
The NMR saw very some arduous service during the “Bambatha Rebellion” – see History of the Natal Rebellion, 1906 by James Stuart, which has many refs. to them.
The Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal = Natal Gazette, 4th February 1924.
At the outbreak of World War One, the Natal Mounted Rifles became the 3rd Mounted Rifles and were attached to the 8th Mounted Brigade, serving with the Central Force in the campaign in German South West Africa.
It was renamed the 3rd Mounted Rifles (Natal Mounted Rifles) during the war.
Thomas Boyd Robinson was born in 1887, the son of Thomas Boyd Robinson.
He served as a Corporal Shoeing Smith with the Natal Mounted Rifles during the Natal 1906 Rebellion and received the medal with clasp.
He was initiated into the Inanda Lodge, Natal, in 1909 under the name Thomas Boyd Robinson Junior, stating his occupation as Farmer and in the same year he is listed in the 1910 electoral roll for Durban County as a Contractor living in Mayville, Durban.
Some contacting from Star to Natal 1906 but generally very fine and better – a nice group to a scrace rank (Farrier QM Sergt.)