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Naval Auxiliary Service WW2 group.


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Naval Auxiliary Service WW2 group.

Defence Medal; 1939-45 War Medal- 1953 Coronation Medal; Auxiliary Service, R W McLachlan.  (First three un-named as issued).
Condition – EF, mounted as worn.

Ronald William McLachlan was born in Stranraer on the 29th March 1922, the son of Robert Gowanlock McLachlan.

Initially serving in the RAF during the later stages of WW2 he received his Coronation medal whilst serving with the R.A.F., service no 2601801.
He joined the Greenlock unit, Royal Naval Auxiliary Service in 1964 receiving his long service in 1976.

With some research and original photos of him as a boy and  young man, one in his RAF uniform