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Naval East and West Africa / Boer War and WW1 group.


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Naval East and West Africa / Boer War and WW1 group.

East and West Africa, clasp Brass River 1895, R.L. Cooper,  A.B. H.M.S. St George; Queens South Africa, R.L. Cooper,  A.B.,  H.M.S. Gibraltar; British War Medal, 128553 R.L. Cooper.  A,B. R.N.

Robert Leonard Cooper was born on the 5th April 1869 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight.

He enlisted as a Boy  on the 5th September 1884 and served until 1919.

He served on HMS St George from 25th October 1894 to 3rd November 1896 during the Brass River campaign. During the Boer war he was on HMS Gebraltar from 5th March 1901 to 5th February 1903. He is however noted as “Run” on the 11th October 1901, which coincides with a gap in his record from that date to 20th January 1902.

He later served during WW1 on HMS Spanker March to April 1915, then on Imperieuse until the end of the war.

Note Printed Medal Roll for the East and West Africa notes, Duplicate issued 17th October 1901.

Cooper’s MIC for WW1 confirms his entitlement to a 1914-15 Trio.

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